VIII Documentary Workshop

The documentary film workshop is, along with the Film Criticism and Journalism Workshop, one of the legacies of Encuentros Cartagena that was adopted by the Cartagena de Indias International Film Festival -FICCI- starting last year, and which, starting with its seventh edition, was given a new spin by widening its pedagogical perspective so that it can adapt to the changing realities of distribution and exhibition that have led the documentary to expand. In this pilot edition, the call was made for both feature-length documentary projects and Latin American projects with a transmedia focus, and in the end, even though both feature-length and expanded documentaries share certain needs, the two are not conceived in the same way from development until completion.

Thus, on this, the eighth edition, a similar call was put out for two different workshops. The first is for four extended projects and will feature the mentorship of Jorge Caballero; the second is for six feature-length projects under the care of Marta Andreu. Both mentors will work for four days with Latin American directors and producers to strengthen the narrative and visual elements of their works, as well as channel their transmedia potential.

At the end of the workshop, each project will present a pitch meeting, also known as One to many, which will feature, as guests, industry professionals from different sectors, such as national and international funds, producers, distributors, and film critics, among others, so that they can offer personalized feedback to each participant, thus creating the possibility of forging productive alliances for the completion and distribution of documentaries.