The cakemaker / El respostero de Berlín


Israel / Alemania / 2017 / Inglés, hebreo, alemán con subtítulos en español e inglés / 113

  • Dirección: 

    Ofir Raul Graizer

  • Producción: 

    Itai Tamir 

  • Guion: 

    Ofir Raul Graizer

  • Fotografía: 

    Omri Aloni

  • Reparto: 

    Tim Kalkhof, Sarah Adler, Roy Miller, Zohar Strauss, Sandra Sade


  • Próximamente


At the bakery he works at in Berlín, Thomas meets Oren, a man from Israel. Oren is married, has a son and travels frequently to Germany for work. When their relationship suddenly comes to an end, Thomas decides to go to Israel to get close to the life of the man who used to be his lover. He begins to work at the restaurant that Anat runs, the wife of his former lover. Little by little, despite not being kosher, Thomas’ culinary skills will make his cooking stand out above even the most religious of critics, including Oren’s brother. The Cakemaker brings two once-irreconcilable worlds together, the Jew and the German, through a provocative reflection full of a kindness on identity, religion, sex and about the need of every human being – regardless of creed, genitalia or national flag – to feel love.



Ofir Raul Graizer

Ofir Raul Graizer

Director de cine y video artista. Dirigió varios cortometrajes que pasaron por numerosos festivales y con los que recibió  el reconocimiento mundial. Co-dirigió Dor que se proyectó en la Quincena de los Realizadores de Cannes. The Cakemaker es su primer largometraje.