Premier Iberoamericana

  • Official Documentary

México / 2017 / Spanish with English subtitles / 100

  • Director 

    Everardo González

  • Producer: 

    Roberto Garza


    Everardo González, Diego Osorno

  • Photography: 

    María Secco

  • Cast: 

    El médico, la madre, el hijo, la viuda, el rescatista, el cabo, el policía, el sicario, el Halcón.



On camera and concealed by disturbing masks, victims and perpetrators of violence in Mexico confess acts, experiences, fears and moral dilemmas. They are the doctor, the mother, the son, the widow, the rescuer, the corporal, the police officer, the hitman and the halcón, or drug trafficker’s assistant. And yet it is as if they all spoke with one voice that attempts to put the inexpressible into words, like a collective being that is wounded and is being attended to by a person behind the camera that occasionally asks a question. The filmmaker finds himself at the brink of an abyss of all that is wrong, and resists being paralyzed by such venom. He wants to understand. And like all travelers headed toward the unknown, he faces dangers and negotiates his way through challenges that in this setting must be resolved with the camera rolling. Is it legitimate to place victims and perpetrators on the same level? How should one react in the face of a confession that goes beyond the limits of what is tolerable? Devil’s Freedom is a vivid documentary in which Everardo González responds to the call of something that is asking to be looked at, despite the risks this entails.



Everardo González

Everardo González

Director, producer and photographer Everardo González graduated from the Center of Cinematographic Training (CCC) with a degree in Film Studies. Highlights of his extensive work in documentary film have been exhibited and awarded in multiple festivals and include Pulque Song (La canción del pulque - 2003), Old Thieves: The Legend of Artegio (Los ladrones viejos: las leyendas del artegio - 2007), The Open Sky (El cielo abierto - 2010) and Drought (Cuates de Australia - 2011). In 2014 he was one of the founders the documentary film distribution company Artegios.