Kirikou et la sorcière / Kirikou and the Sorceress


France / Belgium / Luxembourg / 1998 / French with Spanish and English subtitles / 74

  • Director 

    Michel Ocelot

  • Screenplay: 

    Michel Ocelot



Kirikou and the Sorceressis quite probably the most well-known film in the saga featuring this pint-sized African hero who takes on his people’s enemies and saves them time and time again without the need for capes, magic or superpowers. Despite his young age—he has just been born—and the fact no one takes him seriously—or maybe precisely because no one does—, Kirikou is free to be brave and ask why Karabá the wicked witch has dried up the spring and eaten all the village’s menfolk. Superstition, the things we take for granted, our fears, real or imagined, and the hardships of life in certain parts of Africa are just some of the themes of this film that invites younger audiences to discover new ways of dreaming.



Michel Ocelot

Michel Ocelot

He has dedicated his entire career to film animation. Since the beginning, all his works have been based on his own scripts and graphics. The 3 Inventors (1980) Bafta for best animated film, The Legend of the Poor Hunchback (1983) César for best animated short film. Kirikou and the Sorceress (1998), Kirikou and the Wild Beasts (2005), Azur & Asmar (2006).